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basic info

he/they, any prns for mutuals
queer t4t + polyam
dating the best fella
ND/Phys Disabled
nonbinary demigirl demiboy
sep 7th 2005
Rosie = short for Rosemary

extra.. stuff

DNF edtwt & systwtQueer discourse is reductive, be whatever you want without shameI'm not in genshintwt I just like the game

Genshin UID: 631406110
Honkai Star Rail UID: 601192877
Honkai Impact 3rd UID: 108026291

Discord is hydrangeyeahI want to make more friends, please talk to me :3

interests + faves

The dates for some are when I got into it!Star Wars is my special interest :)

Star Wars (2009)Noragami, Evangelion, Death Note, Kimetsu No YaibaBreaking Bad/Better Call Saul (2019)Genshin Impact (2021)Classic LiteratureKittiesMinecraftMILGRAM (2022)Dannie

these guys are so me

Kaworu Nagisa [Evangelion]Anais [TAWOG]Visas Marr [KOTOR]Bloberta Puppington [Moral Orel]Sandrone [Genshin Impact]Umaru [Himouto Umaru Chan]Kinning is silly and fun :D

pic sources - in order

Star Wars Republic: Quinlan Vos - Jedi in DarknessStar Wars: Jedi - Shaak TiStar Wars Republic - Show Of Force (65)Star Wars Tales (24)Star Wars Tales (23)Star Wars: Jedi - Mace Windu

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